WhatsApp Web Video Call – Easy Guide for Desktop Users

WhatsApp Web Video Call

WhatsApp is on the most convenient and famous social application of the present time, with over 1.5 billion active users. Although, sometimes, the beginners struggle to do simple tasks with it, such as making WhatsApp web video call.

Besides, it is very easy to make a video call on the WhatsApp iOS and android application. But making WhatsApp web video call on a desktop can be a tedious task.

No wonder, we have the smart and quick solution to make video calls on the WhatsApp desktop. Also, in this guide, we will answer the common queries about the WhatsApp desktop video call feature, including how to add contacts on WhatsApp and how to reset WhatsApp settings.

After reading our guide, you can make a WhatsApp web video call like a pro!

 Pre-Question by The Users 

Is It Possible to Make Video Calls On WhatsApp Desktop?

If you are looking for a shortcut or an inbuilt solution to make WhatsApp web video calls on MAC or windows, then you will be disappointed. Because WhatsApp has come up with the desktop application and WhatsApp web. But the provision of making video calls is still missing in that application.

Other than that, you can also make video calls on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter that you have an android or iOS device. Further, WhatsApp web for iPhone and Android features are best for having access to your chats and attachments. Until now, they have not added that WhatsApp video calling feature on the desktop yet. And the same goes for MAC computers and Windows. The desktop version of WhatsApp doesn’t have any audio or video calling feature as of now.

We are here to solve your problem! Don’t get disappointed – there is a way around that can help you make the WhatsApp web video calls on windows as well as on MAC. So let’s proceed to the WhatsApp video call desktop trick!

How to make WhatsApp video calls on Windows or MAC?

This WhatsApp web trick can figure the best way to make WhatsApp web video calls, for that you need to use a device emulator. There are many android emulators on the market that you can use to make WhatsApp web video calls.

Moreover, there are bluestacks! It is one of the most used and popular emulators around for making the WhatsApp web video call. Through some of the simplest and easy steps, you can download the bluestacks on MAC or Windows computers. Also, you can emulate your android device. This easy trick will let you run WhatsApp in its original form, and you can access the video calling feature as well.

Steps for Making Video Calls On WhatsApp Web

Firstly, download the application on your MAC or Windows PC.  And then set up a file that is downloaded. Launch it and then click on the install now button. Plus, you can customize the installation process, if you want to agree to its terms and conditions before.

Be patient! Wait for 2 to 3 minutes as the bluestacks installer would extract the necessary files from the server and install the application. Once the installation is complete, bluestacks will notify you!

Further, when the setup is finished, you have to launch the bluestacks desktop application on a Windows computer or MAC. Bluestacks may take a few minutes for the application to finish the entire process. After that, you need to enter your google account credentials to proceed.

Then, bluestacks will connect to your Google ID and would try to fetch all the application-related details. After launching the application, just go to the search bar and look for the WhatsApp application.

There you will get the WhatsApp details on the screen. Simply click on the install button and agree to its terms and conditions. and in no time, WhatsApp will be directly installed on your bluestacks account. Afterward, it will display on its home screen. Just launch and perform the initial setup while entering the same phone number that is linked to your WhatsApp account.

That was all! You can now make WhatsApp web video call on your MAC and Windows computer.

You Will Be Wondering, how to Add Contacts On Whatsapp?

The application of the WhatsApp web will automatically retrieve and add contacts. Plus, you can manually add new contacts as well.

Lastly, go to the contact you wish to chat with and tap on the video call button. It will grant the application and access to your desktop’s camera and mic to start the video call.

Losing WhatsApp Data

Many users complain of losing their WhatsApp data due to certain circumstances. So if you have this issue, we’ll help you out. You can backup your data to your computer while using the free trans. It is also known as WhatsApp transfer.

In just one click, you can get back all your data on the system. Data includes WhatsApp conversations, chats, contacts, and media. Also, you can preview the backup content and restore it to the same place in the device.

Other than that, the application can transfer data from one device to another. Further, it supports the transfer of WhatsApp chat on iPhone and android too. This app is compatible with android and apple devices.

Consequently, it can also help you to backup and restore all the social apps like Viber, Kik, WeChat, and line.

WhatsApp transfer application is easy to use, and no technical knowledge is needed for using it. So simply connect your device, launch the application, and easily backup your WhatsApp data. Yes! It is easy to do.

Tips for Making WhatsApp Web Video Call

  • The most important thing is to have a strong internet connection when making a video call or a group video call. You and other people must have a stable connection because poor signals may pause the video.
  • When you receive a group video call on Whatsapp, the WhatsApp web screen shows the participants currently on the call. But the first contact listed will be the participant that you add.
  • Also, you have an option during the video call to turn off your video. Just tap that option, and your video will be off.
  • While having a group call, you cannot remove the contact until they hang up their phone to disconnect the call.
  • Your call history will appear in the call tab or call log.
  • Also, it is possible to be in a group video call with someone who has blocked you.

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 Other Queries! 

Website Web Not Working Properly

If your WhatsApp web is not working properly, then wait for a while until it gives any command. But if the PC didn’t have any command restart the web and connect WhatsApp again by scanning the Whatsapp web QR code.

How to Reset Whatsapp Settings

For resetting the WhatsApp settings. All you have to do is – go to the phone settings, then go to the apps. After that, open WhatsApp and clear the data. Although in some phone long-pressing the app from the apps menu opens the app’s settings. So you can clear the data from there too.

How to logout from WhatsApp Web

There are three easy steps for logging out from the WhatsApp web. Firstly, open the WhatsApp application on your phone by tapping on it. And then, go to the menu, click on the WhatsApp web. And here you can view any computers that you are logged in on. So just log out the session of your choice.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

WhatsApp has also introduced new features such as WhatsApp dark mode. The darker modes are available on iOS and Android devices as well. All the android devices have a dark mode option, but few older iPhones don’t have that feature. Although you need to buy an upgraded version of the iPhone to have a dark mode.

Website web dark mode is not available yet, but some simple tricks will enable dark mode.

This simple trick works on chrome and firefox.


Follow this easy procedure.

Install stylus extension and a separate theme for it and then grab stylus from the chrome web store. After installing that, you need to get a theme. And lastly, install the style. These simple steps will let you enjoy the WhatsApp web dark mode.


The procedure for getting a dark mode is pretty simpler than chrome.

Firstly, get a stylus from the Mozilla official site and then install the dark theme. That’s all, turn the dark mode on, and enjoy!

 To Conclude 

Now you know a stepwise solution to make WhatsApp web video call on desktop. You can easily meet your requirements and needs. Making WhatsApp video calls on WhatsApp desktop is not an easy task. So if you need to access WhatsApp on your desktop urgently, then try the web version of the application. Although you have to make WhatsApp web video calls on MAC and windows, then consider using an emulator like bluestacks. Go ahead and try this easy solution! Also, share this guide with other colleagues to teach them how to make a video call on WhatsApp web desktop as well!

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