WhatsApp Web Tricks – Different Tips All Users Should Know

WhatsApp Web Tricks

Whatsapp is the most popular conversation application around the globe. The main reason for its fame is not only the feasible features but also the WhatsApp web tricks that are very simple to use.

More interestingly,

Every feature is, just, at one click far. Use these WhatsApp web tricks and make your app even better. You know the simple use of WhatsApp. So we will directly move towards the WhatsApp web tricks.

WhatsApp Web Tricks

WhatsApp Web Tricks

Read messages without blue ticks

In fact, blue ticks are also a problem for a busy person, especially when we are working and not in the position to reply to them at that moment.

WhatsApp has solved your problem, now.

Follow the below steps and let yourself to read the messages without the blue ticks.

  • Open WhatsApp in the web window.
  • Open the new window or notepad, while you receive the message.
  • Resize that window or notepad file and make it too small that you can easily view the big window of WhatsApp in the background.
  • Let the computer think that you are busy with other work by hitting at that small window and hover the cursor there.
  • Read the new loaded messages and don’t click away from the window you have opened.
  • When you are okay then let them turn blue.

Switch to the dark mode

If you are not happy with night mode, then change it to dark mode and have non-stop chatting. For this purpose click the three dots and then click on settings. Now, hit on privacy and prefer the dark mode.

Make a voice or video call

Voice or video call is also the main reason for its fame. Because of this feature, the user can easily convey his messages through voice and it does not waste his time.

And, the good news!

Through WhatsApp video call online sessions and online interviews could be conducted very easily.

Send stickers and animated gifts

WhatsApp emoji and animated gifts are very simple way to express your feelings. Add them to your chat just by a single click. You can search for the relevant emoji from the search option.

Send your location to your contacts

The smartest feature is to send the location to your contacts. Actually, this feature works very privately. You need to pin your WhatsApp chats by long press on it. Connect to the internet and send the required location to that contact.

Hide your profile picture

If you don’t want to show your profile picture to everyone, then you don’t need to worry. The simplest way to hide your profile picture is as follows:

Go to the settings tab and click on the account. Set your privacy and picture setting according to your own will.


WhatsApp web tricks” is a topic of intense research due to the greater use of this app. It is the fact that Whatsapp web tricks are not limited, but we have highlighted some prominent features.

May be,

The WhatsApp get updated in the upcoming years with more features and amazing tricks. Let us wait what functions are going to add to the WhatsApp Web 2021 version.

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