WhatsApp Web Dark Mode – How to Enable Dark Mode

Whatsapp web dark mode

The WhatsApp dark mode is, really, a fantastic theme that relaxes your vision. Just a few months back, WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp web dark mode in the market with its updated version.

The simple way to use WhatsApp is to download it from Google play store if you are an Android user. Hit the WhatsApp “setting” and easily approach the WhatsApp amazing dark mode theme.

Whatsapp web dark mode

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

But wait! let me tell you something more.

Around 80-90% population, who use WhatsApp, feel very comfortable with WhatsApp dark mode theme. This additional theme of WhatsApp has attracted more users worldwide.

Before exploring WhatsApp web dark mode, you should generally know what the WhatsApp dark mode isLet us zoom it further.

What is WhatsApp web dark mode?

The WhatsApp dark mode is a specifically designed theme that allows us to use WhatsApp in the absence of light with zero strain on our eyes.

Do you love this theme?

The dark mode is becoming trendy around the globe. You will be amazed to know that in addition to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram users also prefer dark mode. Basically, this feature of WhatsApp is, totally, a new idea.

How to enable WhatsApp web dark mode?

People, generally, face the difficulty to switch between light and dark mode. You need not worry about it. Just follow the simple steps and carry on with WhatsApp dark mode.

  • Install and open WhatsApp in your Android phone
  • Hit the three dots at the upper right corner and tap the “Setting”
  • Choose the “Chat” option from the list.
  • Tap on “Theme”
  • Simply select “Dark mode” and then press “OK”


You are ready to use the dark mode.

Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp web dark mode

The dark mode is usually found in the latest version of WhatsApp. We have extracted some of its advantages and disadvantages for you. Let’s check it out!


  • WhatsApp dark theme reduces the strain on vision
  • Use the dark theme gives your battery a long time to run.
  • Dark theme is also best for those who are sensitive to light.
  • You can easily use it in the dark without eye strain and headache


  • The dark mode theme is not suitable for those people who are suffering from Astigmatism.
  • The black background against white words put a strain on the eyes of the people who have little eyes issue.
  • In bright sunlight, the dark mode does not work very well.


The WhatsApp dark mode is the most sensible theme which provides multiple useful features to its users. You may select or reject this theme; it all depends on your choice and feasibility.

In my own experience,

WhatsApp updated version had made the users more excited, at the start. Now, the WhatsApp web dark mode has become an intense need for multiple people.

Some people use dark mode as an attraction, some uses as fashion, some users prefer a dark mode as mind relaxation, and some use it for the sake of good vision.


For different people, there is a different mindset for the preference of dark mode.

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