How to Reset the WhatsApp Settings – How to Manage Your Account

How to Reset the WhatsApp Settings

How to reset the WhatsApp settings! Science and technology have become vast around the globe. In fact, the 21st century is technology-based. Even it has become part of our daily life and our routine is not complete without modern technology. The same is the case with WhatsApp.


In this age of intense competition in the technology, the WhatsApp stands as one of the top 5 Apps. Almost 50% of work in all private and government sectors depends on the WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp may suffer from a problem either you are using an iPhone or the android. You do not need to worry because small problems may arise in any device.

We have written this article on how to reset the WhatsApp settings to fix the issue at home.  Do it yourself and carry on your work on it.

Stay with us and explore how to reset the WhatsApp settings in a very cool manner.

How to Reset the WhatsApp Settings

How to Reset the WhatsApp Settings?

In this short guide, we will explain to you the WhatsApp restart setting in the Android, and iPhone. Let us move forward.

1. How to restart WhatsApp on Android

By forced closer

Open the background running apps from the multitasking section. Its icon, maybe, three parallel lines, two overlapping squares, or a single square, according to your device brand.


All the running apps are in front of you.

Close all the apps by the trash button or just scroll down to the WhatsApp option and close it.

Go to the “setting” icon and choose the “WhatsApp” from the “App” option.

The next step is to hit the “Clear cache” button under the “memory” option. Now, you can forcibly close the App.

Press the finish button in the previous interface and you have all done.

Restart the Android phone (an alternative method)

Your problem would be solved for sure. But, if there is an issue with the software or operating system, in this case, the best possible and easiest way is to restart your Android phone.

Hit the power on/off button for longer and restart the phone to use WhatsApp normally.

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2. How to restart WhatsApp on iPhone

You are an iPhone user and your WhatsApp is facing some problem. This guide is for you to follow and fix all problems.

By forced closer

Open the home screen and swipe up from the bottom and hover in the middle section. Press the home button two times if you are using the old version of WhatsApp.

Scroll the WhatsApp icon from all available apps. Now, you are ready to forcefully close it by swapping up.

Restart an iPhone (an alternative method)

If the issue is not solved, yet, you can simply restart the iPhone to solve the issue with great ease.


The resetting of WhatsApp is as simple as its use. WhatsApp is a very smart App in this modern era. The amazing and fast features of this app make it different from the modern technology of this age.

Because this single application has the maximum features, I hope that it’s trending maybe go to the number 1 position in the near future.

Just think about it,

WhatsApp has the most awesome and simplest technology for privacy and the sharing of every type of file. So, now, it’s up to you, either you use it for your good purpose or not.

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