How to Add Contacts on WhatsApp? How to Invite Friends to Join

How to add contacts on WhatsApp

How to add contacts on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the most using application with more than one and a half billion users worldwide because it is the most famous way to connect people. If you want to add a contact on WhatsApp, and using it the first time, then you have to go for some basic setup.

How to add Contacts on WhatsApp?

How to add contacts on WhatsApp

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Here, in this post, we have added how to add contacts on WhatsApp using Android and iOS. Plus, you will have the guidelines about the contact addition from another country.

How to add contacts on Android

  • If you are an Android user, then simply open the WhatsApp. Click on the right bottom corner of the chat sign.
  • Hit the “New Contact” from the next interface.
  • Add the phone number and the name of the person. Different areas have different phone code, so put it accordingly.
  • Tap the “save” button at the top right corner of the WhatsApp screen.


You have added the contact in your phone book.

How to add contacts on iOS

  • In the chat section, tap on the upper right corner of the window
  • Tap “new contact” on the next appearing screen
  • Then fill the name, telephone number, and email address of the person in the respective box.

The contact information will be shown on your contact list.

How to invite a friend to join WhatsApp?

When you install an app, you prefer your friends to do the same. You do it to ensure easy communication.

WhatsApp also offers you this facility to invite your friends and other family members. The following step must keep in your mind to invite your friends to join this amazing app.

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On an iOS phone

  • On the upper right, tap on the chat icon in the chat window.
  • Go to the bottom on the next screen.
  • Choose “Invite friends to WhatsApp” and set the mail or the message option from the menu.
  • Send the invitation and your friend will receive the link to join it.

On an Android phone

  • Start a new chat from the chat panel.
  • Tap “invite friend” from the next interface.
  • Let the invitation send to the selected contact and tap “send”
  • The receiver will get the WhatsApp link to download and install it from Google play.

How to add a friend from a different country?

As WhatsApp is the basic need in every field in life so we must have to know about the procedure to follow for adding a contact from a different country.

  • Find WhatsApp on your Smartphone and tap the new chat icon.
  • Press new contact and choose the storage location
  • Add the name of the friend or family member
  • Enter the international number of the user.

Note that you must add the plus (+) sign and then add the country code. Now, you are ready to add the rest of the phone number. You must have to remove the calling code from the phone number after adding the country code.

  • Save it from the upper right corner by clicking the right sign.


We have written how to add contacts on WhatsApp for you so you and all the new users do not have to face the difficulty in this scenario.

Simply saying,

This procedure of adding a contact is too simple. You have not to follow very complicated steps for this purpose. Just follow the above steps and have a non-stop chat with your friends and family anytime, any place.

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